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!New: Chinese Sunra expects to sell 60-100.000 electric scooters with Carvers unique automatic balancing mechanism DVC™ per year

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Carver Technology,

World leading in self-balancing vehicle technology

Carver Technology holds an unique automatic balancing mechanism for three-wheel and four-wheel vehicles, called DVC™, for Dynamic Vehicle Control. 

DVC™ creates a combination of stability, comfort, speed, and unmatched cornering behavior under all driving circumstances, leading to an exceptional enjoyable driving experience!

The patented technolgy can be applied to a wide range of vehicles, including off road vehicles, and is energy and space efficient.

Carver Technology offers a wide range of services to partners interested in exploring and exploiting various segments in the market field of self-balancing vehicles. With our expertise you will be able to quickly develop innovative and commercially viable vehicle concepts.

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